Growing Restaurant Began in a Storage Unit

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Trevioli Artisan Pasta started in a storage unit, and as Trevor Morris the founder said “sometimes the best things come from humble beginnings”. Trevioli produces homemade pastas and is expanding now. On FaceBook, the pasta company recently wrote, “You may have heard rumors of us moving. Let’s be official- it’s true. Hopefully early to mid […]

10+ Things to Know Before Moving to San Francisco

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Are you considering moving to San Francisco? This beautiful city is located next to a very large bay and part of it borders the Pacific Ocean. It has a bridge to the north known in many parts of the world, and tourists from many nations. China Town, Little Italy, Japan Town, SoMA, the Mission, Noe Valley, […]

10 Things to Know Before Moving to Carmel

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Are you considering moving to Carmel? Carmel, California or Carmel-by-the-Sea is noted for being undeveloped, even pristine in some areas. The open spaces, wide, clean beaches, lush landscapes, smooth sloped hills, wildlife and temperate weather have impressed millions of visitors, and some folks live there year round. It tends to one of the those places […]

10+ Things to Know Before Moving to Sonoma

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Are you considering moving to Sonoma? It’s not secret that California has a lot of natural beauty and pleasant, sunny weather — and Sonoma is no exception to this fact. The town of Sonoma is small, with a population less than 15,000. but Sonoma County is large and includes a number of more populous towns […]

Kate Hudson Finds Sweater Made By Goldie Hawn In Storage Unit

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kate hudson

She shared this photo of the sweater recently on Instagram. Going through storage I found all sorts of gems but my favorite was the sweater Mama Goldie Knit me when I was a teenager. Bringing this bad boy out again 💜🙏💜 @officialgoldiehawn #FallWinterWardrobe A photo posted by Kate Hudson (@katehudson) on Nov 3, 2016 at […]

10+ Things to Know Before Moving to Santa Rosa

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Are you considering moving to Santa Rosa? This small city is a great place to live for a number of reasons and Sonoma County is growing too. We put this article together for those people who are considering moving to Santa Rosa, and we hope it is useful. The population growth may due to the lower […]

16 Things to Know before Moving to Lodi, California

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Are you considering moving to Lodi, California? We put together some tips and background information for you, if you are thinking of such a move. The tips section is an interview with a StoragePRO manager who lives in the area. What do you think someone who has never lived in Lodi would be surprised to […]

Tips for Storing Electronics in Self Storage

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Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, chargers, external hard drives, DSLRs, video cameras, audio recorders, TVs, external monitors, printers, modems, routers, cables, power cords, speakers, keyboards—these items are very common now, and many of us have them. In point of fact, we may have multiple devices and accessories, but what to do with them all? It’s quite a struggle […]

How to Store Books and Care for Them

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School has started again across the country. New books are being purchased and old ones are being stored. We might assume that we know how to store books, because  we have done so many times, but assumptions can lead us astray sometimes. These are some general tips for long-term book storage. When storing books in boxes, make sure you […]

Michael Jackson Tracks and the Storage Space

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A number of unreleased tracks or song lyrics made by Michael Jackson were kept in a storage unit by Joe Jackson, the international star’s father, according to various online sources. There may have been between 250-300 works by Michael, though they have never been officially made public. Reportedly, his father missed payments for the storage space containing […]