Tips for Storing Electronics in Self Storage

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electronics storage

Desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones, chargers, external hard drives, DSLRs, video cameras, audio recorders, TVs, external monitors, printers, modems, routers, cables, power cords, speakers, keyboards—these items are very common now, and many of us have them. In point of fact, we may have multiple devices and accessories, but what to do with them all? It’s quite a struggle […]

How to Store Books and Care for Them

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School has started again across the country. New books are being purchased and old ones are being stored. We might assume that we know how to store books, because  we have done so many times, but assumptions can lead us astray sometimes. These are some general tips for long-term book storage. When storing books in boxes, make sure you […]

Michael Jackson Tracks and the Storage Space

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michael jackson

A number of unreleased tracks or song lyrics made by Michael Jackson were kept in a storage unit by Joe Jackson, the international star’s father, according to various online sources. There may have been between 250-300 works by Michael, though they have never been officially made public. Reportedly, his father missed payments for the storage space containing […]

24 Self Storage Facts

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Self storage might sound like an uninteresting topic at first glance, but when you dig a little deeper you might find all kinds of intriguing insights. 1. According to one source, there are 48,500 self-storage facilities in the United States, which is  much more than the total number of McDonald’s restaurants. 2. Self-storage may very well continue to grow; […]

Drew Barrymore Finds Treasures In Storage

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10/17/1984 President with Drew Barrymore at a ceremony launching the Young Astronauts program on the South Lawn

Actress Drew Barrymore took to Instagram recently to share some photos she found while cleaning out her storage locker. Given her storied movie career, including quite a turn in the very popular E.T., one might expect she would find some intriguing items in storage. No way! Look what I just found! @rashidajones and @kidadajonesog and @Quincydjones Oh […]

Our two new sites boast over 250 plus units located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is StoragePRO’s first venture out of state. In addition we are rolling out SSM’s new Site Walk Thru feature which will allow StoragePRO to manage site walk thru’s and maintenance issues remotely. Both of our new locations in Utah […]