Moving to Auburn: 12 Things to Know Before You Go

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Are you thinking of moving to Auburn? We did some research and found some facts for this article so you don’t have to do the work.

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How big is Auburn?

Auburn, California has about 13,000 residents and the population is mostly White with
some Hispanics, very few African-Americans and some Asians and Native Americans.

How is the weather?

Summers are hot and dry while winters and cool and moist. In July, the average high is 94
and in December it is 54.

How much is housing?

The median home value in Auburn is about $400,000. Rents in Auburn range from about $700-1100. If you look carefully you might be able to find something small for $300,000 or less. In this area, there are also some land parcels for less than $200,000 so you might be able to build a custom home in a less developed area if you like a more natural setting. Moving to Auburn is likely something that would appeal to a person who is tired of living in an urban setting, or wants to find more affordable housing than what exists in big cities. If the median home value in San Francisco is $1.1 million and you get something like a large garden shed to live in, imagine what you can buy in Auburn for less than half of that.

How is the food?

For a small town, Auburn has many restaurants — and not just the typical chain options.
Some of the top-rated restaurants are:

Katrina’s Cafe
Little Belgium Deli and Beer Bar
Nancy’s Cafe
Smokey Pit Barbeque Texas Style
Nectar Cafe
Pho King Good
Carpe Vino
Joe Caribe
Garden of Eat’n
Auburn Alehouse

Local Heroes
Liu Mandarin Kitchen
Flaming Burrito Grill
Eric’s Home Plate
The Healthy Habit
Bistro 103
Baked and Brewed
Auburn Thai Garden
Sourdough & Company
Awful Annie’s Restaurant
The Daily Egg

Star Thai Cuisine
Royal Thai
Sum’s Mongolian Bar-B-Que
Brookside Grill
El Portal Taqueria
Happy Wok
Max’s Deli and Catering
Maria’s Mexican Tacos

The most popular grocery stores are:

Sunrise Natural Foods
Bel Air
Save Mart
Ikeda’s California Country Market
Gaia’s Basket
Machado Orchards
Smart & Final Extra

How are the schools?

According to Great Schools, the public schools are rated above average and almost in the good range.

For adults, Sierra College, a two-year institution, is located about 10 miles away. Another community college is Folsom Lake which is about 16 miles from Auburn. A little over 20 miles away is American River College, which is a community college too.

There are four-year schools in Rocklin and Sacramento: William Jessup University and Cal State University Sacramento.

Are there parks?

Another thing that Auburn does not lack is parks, here are some of the top-rated ones:

Hidden Falls Regional Park
Auburn State Recreation Area
Auburn Bicentennial Park
Railhead Park
Shirland Canal Trails
Lake Clementine
Clementine Lake Loop
Regional Park
American River Canyon Overlook Park
Black Hole of Calcutta Falls

Are there wineries?

The climate and terrain are favorable for grape growing and there are about 20 wineries in the area.

What are some fun things to do?

Auburn is located not far from the American River where you can whitewater raft,
kayak, camp and hike.

A small period house and grounds — the Bernhard Museum — function as a kind of museum if you like history. There is a children’s indoor playground, an event center, a speedway, and a haunted
house. There is also a golf course, and Auburn is home to several endurance events like the American River 50-Mile Race.

Is there access to nature?

Auburn is situated in the Sierra foothills about 30 miles north of Sacramento and 86 west of Lake Tahoe. Of course, Tahoe can be enjoyed in all seasons: winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and all the activities available in warmer months like hiking, camping, swimming, and kayaking. Yosemite Valley is about 218 miles or approximately 4 hours, and this area is noted for its unique beauty. If you want to visit the Pacific Coast, Bodega Bay is about 142 miles west of Auburn.

The terrain is hilly with open space, forests, lakes, streams and river habitat. It generally is rural with many small towns. The Eldorado National Forest is only about 15 miles from Auburn, so you can find dense foliage and a quieter setting very easily.

Folsom Lake is about 15 miles, and the reservoir at Oroville is around 65 if you want to be around a large body of freshwater. Moving to Auburn is probably going to not disappoint anyone who likes open space and warm weather. You will also have fairly easy access to Sacramento is you have a craving for culture.

What about transportation?

Auburn is located right on I-80, so you will have very easy access to a major freeway. Sacramento Airport is 30-40 miles if you need to fly, and if you like train travel, there is an Amtrak station right in Auburn. This station serves the Capitol Corridor line which travels from Santa Clara to  Auburn. Moving to Auburn might work for someone who likes or needs to use train travel.

Are there places of worship?

There are a number of Christian-related churches:

Auburn Grace Community Church
Freedom Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal
Calvary Chapel of Auburn
Bethelem Lutheran

In Penryn, about 6 miles south of Auburn, there is a Buddhist center.

Is there storage in Auburn?

Yes, we have a storage facility here and can answer any of your storage questions.

What is near Auburn?

Grass Valley — 23 miles
Sacramento — about 30 miles
Chico — 85 miles
Lake Tahoe — 86 miles
Clear Lake — 113 miles
San Francisco — 120 miles

So, after reading this information, are you still interested in moving to Auburn?

Image Credit: Bobak Ha’Eri, CC BY 3.0