Growing Restaurant Began in a Storage Unit

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Trevioli Artisan Pasta started in a storage unit, and as Trevor Morris the founder said “sometimes the best things come from humble beginnings”. Trevioli produces homemade pastas and is expanding now. On FaceBook, the pasta company recently wrote, “You may have heard rumors of us moving. Let’s be official- it’s true. Hopefully early to mid February we will be closing Trevioli on Tower rd. and opening on Blackmon. We will have a 3500 sq ft brand new building with outside covered seating as well.” The new restaurant will be called Trevioli Italian Kitchen.

Trevioli was run from a storage unit for several years, but the products have been popular enough that there was good reason to expand. The storage unit had seating for about at least 24 patrons, and a kitchen, so Morris made very good use of the space. The company is located in Columbus, GA.

He was interviewed last by the Columbus newspaper too, and spoke a little about the food,”We do culurgionis every now and then, which kind of look like a pot sticker. They’re really hard to do, but they’re really awesome if you stuff meats in there. We did a roast pork with basil once. It was really good. Your raviolis aren’t hard. You tortellinis are fairly easy. Everybody on the staff can do them.”

The food must be very good, because the eatery has 130 very positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

It certainly is not uncommon for businesses to store items in storage units, but they typically don’t run restaurants in them.

Image Credit: Garydunncolumbusgausa, Columbus, GA, CC BY-SA 3.0