StoragePRO Manager Shares Secrets to Success

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Solano Storage Center

In August, manager Patricia at Solano Storage Center received the most amount of Yelp and Google+ reviews out of all our locations in a single month. As a result, she was the winner of our Review Incentive Program. Nicely done, Patricia!

To see how she did it, we asked her some questions to find out how she was so successful!

What do you believe is the key to providing great customer service? Listen to the customers’ needs and qualifying for the customer even if it is for a different property.

If you could describe your management style in one sentence, what would it be? Funny, firm but fair.

How did you get so many customer reviews on Google+ and Yelp? On the back of the envelope we put the opening paperwork in, it states if you review us on Google+ and/or Yelp you will receive $20 off your next month’s rent. I asked every single person I saw on the ground if they had done that at move-in and they said no. So I told them they still could. Every new move-in I encourage them to do it and they did!

How do you plan on getting even more reviews this month? Asking the customers if they are happy with me and StoragePRO and to please review me. Then, I tell them about our customer appreciation day we are having and they have been still doing it.

If you had any advice for your fellow managers, what would it be? Get out and talk to every customer on the grounds introduce yourself again to everyone that comes in and pays.  Encourage current tenants to refer friends and family to the property – the 50% off refer-a-friend offer is incentive enough; they go around the mall looking for people that need storage. That is free advertisement!

What separates you from your competition? It is rumored all over town that I have the cleanest place and I treat everyone fair.

Did this incentive program motivate you to obtain more reviews? If yes, how so? Absolutely, money motivates me especially when no one else tried near as hard. I take my job very seriously. I do everything my Area Performance Manager asks of me and I follow the StoragePRO motto. I have proven over the last year that it is the manager that makes the success of the store. I have made many large improvements on the property: putting up a new gate to limit loiters, put spikes on the top of the fence, and put grates under the fence. I have repainted almost all the fire hydrants, walls, and gates. If you read the reviews most of it is about the appearance and that it’s clean always. Even though I am very funny, I am also serious about protecting the company’s assets and making the most money that I can – that is why StoragePRO hired me.


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