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Moving to Grass Valley: 10+ Things to Know Before You Do

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Moving to Grass Valley is something a number of people consider each year. We did some research and compiled some facts here for you. How big is Grass Valley? This town of about 12,000 is approximately 50 miles from California’s capital city, Sacramento. The setting is the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, with a […]

Growing Restaurant Began in a Storage Unit

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Trevioli Artisan Pasta started in a storage unit, and as Trevor Morris the founder said “sometimes the best things come from humble beginnings”. Trevioli produces homemade pastas and is expanding now. On FaceBook, the pasta company recently wrote, “You may have heard rumors of us moving. Let’s be official- it’s true. Hopefully early to mid […]

Moving to San Francisco: 15+ Things to Know Before You Do

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san francisco moving fog

Moving to San Francisco is something many people do every year, are you thinking of making the move too? This intriguing city is located next to a very large bay and part of it borders the Pacific Ocean. It has a bridge to the north known in many parts of the world, and tourists from […]

Moving to Carmel: 10+ Things to Know Before Making the Move

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Are you considering moving to Carmel? Carmel, California or Carmel-by-the-Sea is noted for being undeveloped, even pristine in some areas. The open spaces, wide, clean beaches, lush landscapes, smooth sloped hills, wildlife and temperate weather have impressed millions of visitors, and some folks live there year round. It tends to one of the those places […]