Moving to Loomis: 11 Things to Know before You Go

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Loomis, ca

Moving to Loomis is something some people do each year to having a quieter or simpler life, for a lower cost of living or because they enjoy small-town living. We did some research and created this article to help you decide if you want to move there too.

How large is the population?

The population of Loomis is about 6,700 and is almost 90% White, with Hispanic being the second-largest group at 8%. The rest is Native America, African-American and Asian. It is located about 24 miles northeast of Sacramento and not too far from Folsom Lake.

What is the cost of housing?

The median home cost is $650,000 and the average rent is about $1400. You might be able to find some small homes for closer to $450,000 and there are some mobile homes for less than $200,000. For renters, there might be a few places for less than $1400, including renting a room in a shared space which might be half that cost. Moving to Loomis might be a good choice for someone who wanted more space or a more affordable house. For example, you might be able to purchase several acres of land in the Loomis area for less than $600,000. In which case, you might have your own fruit trees, a very large garden or even a small personal vineyard.

How is the weather?

Unsurprisingly, it is similar to that of Sacramento — hot to very hot in summer with moderate temperatures in winter. Fall and Spring are fairly mild, but some of the early days in September may get hot. Rainfall each year is only about 24 inches; it almost never snows.

How are the schools?

According to Great Schools, Loomis has a number of highly ranked public schools, so overall, the district has a good reputation.

For adults, there is Sierra College just one mile away, Folsom Lake College 11 miles
distant and American River College 14 miles from Loomis in Sacramento. They are
all community colleges with affordable tuition.

How is the food?

Though Loomis is very small, there are a number of restaurants which are well-regarded.
There are eateries offering Burmese/Thai, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and American fare.

Here are some of the more popular restaurants:

Green Elephant
Il Pizzaiolo
High Hand Cafe
Flower Farm Cafe
Loomis Chinese Restaurant
Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop
Lorenzo’s Mexican

There are also many quality restaurants in neighboring small towns like Granite Bay and Roseville.

Grocery stores

The number of grocery stores in Loomis is limited, but the options are good ones:

Woody’s Market & Deli.

If you want to visit Whole Foods, Sprouts or Nugget Market, you will need to drive to Roseville, which is only 8.5 miles.

What about jobs?

For such a small town, Loomis has a number of employers offering jobs you might not expect. Some of them are:

Loomis Union School District
Precision Medical Products
Celera Motion
Foothill Feed & Gift
Hardware Emporium
Christensen’s Saddle & Supply
VC Antech

Are there parks?

Loomis is very small, so there are many parks, but there are a few:

Loomis Park
Horton Iris Garden
Blue Anchor Park.

There are many more parks in Lincoln, Rocklin, Penryn, Newcastle, and Roseville. If you like open space and water, you might also enjoy the Folsom Lake area. Moving to Loomis is something you might enjoy if you want to live in a small town with a slightly rural feel.

Are there churches?

Loomis does have a number of Christian-oriented churches:

The Oaks Church
New Faith United Church of Christ
First United Methodist Church
Loomis Basin Congregational Church
St. Michael’s Independent Catholic Church.

In Roseville, there are many more. Less than three miles away,
in Penryn, there is a Buddhist center.

What about entertainment?

Loomis has an eclectic array of entertainment options, here are some of them:

High Hand Art Gallery
McLaughlin Studios
Place Ume Taiko

Rock Hill Winery
Kermit McCourt
Davis Dean Cellars

Secret Ravine Winery

Loomis Eggplant Festival

Wineries at High Hand

Cristaldi Vineyards

Country Club Saloon – this is a popular spot for locals and live music is played here sometimes.

Of course, there are many more options in nearby towns like the Griffith Quarry Museum.

What about transportation?

The closest Amtrak train station is 3.7 miles from Loomis in Rocklin. If you want to catch the light rail, you can drive 11 miles to Folsom and park and ride. Sacramento International Airport is about 30 miles from Loomis.

Loomis is located very close to I-80, which you can easily take to San Francisco or Lake Tahoe.

Is there storage?

Yes, we specialize in self-storage and we have a facility in Loomis.

If you have any storage questions, please give us a call.

3414 Swetzer Rd
Loomis, CA 95650

What is near Loomis?

Yuba City, 41 miles

Napa, 84 miles

Lake Tahoe, 95 miles

San Francisco, 110 miles

Yosemite, 161 miles

So, after reading this article, are you still interested in moving to Loomis?

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