Moving To Rancho Cordova: 14 Things to Know Before You Go

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Moving to Rancho Cordova is something that some people consider each year. This guide is intended to be of value to people who are thinking of such a move. We did some research and compiled some facts to help you.

How big is Rancho Cordova?

Rancho Cordova is located about 15 miles east of Sacramento and has a population of approximately 67,000. It is the kind of place typically called a bedroom community because of the large number of adults who commute to jobs outside of its borders. It is a small city, with a diverse population, and over half the residents are 35 years old or more. A little over one-third of the adults have an associate’s degree or more.

How much does housing cost?

The median home value is $315,000, and the average rent for a one-bedroom is $937. If you do a quick search on Craigslist, you might see a number of smaller homes for quite a bit less than $315,000. In fact, depending on the neighborhood, you might find a few for less than $250,000. A small 2-3 BR house or condo you might find for $1500 a month if you will be renting. Moving to Rancho Cordova is probably for people who get a job in the Sacramento area, but don’t want to live in an urban environment or those who already live there but want to get out of it.

What is Rancho Cordova like?

Rancho Cordova would probably fit just about anyone’s definition of a suburban, Northern California environment. Temperatures can reach over 100 in summer, but it is a dry heat, and winter temperatures during the day are about 50. Spring and fall are more temperate. The American River is nearby and two lakes are within 10 miles. Shopping in Rancho is available at Marshalls, Ross, Zinfandel Crossings, Target, and Walmart.

What about jobs?

Some of the top employers in the area are:

State of California
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Delta Dental
Franklin Templeton Investor
Bank of America
Dignity Healthcare
Sprint Communications
Cisco Systems
Core Logic
Peason School
Motion Control
Sutter Health
VA Medical Center
Health Net

How is the Food?

Some of the top-rated restaurants are:

Famous Burgers
Nemo Sushi
Grills & Greens
Cali Bowl Teriyaki
India Spice Restaurant
Shahrzad Fine Persian Cuisine
The Habit Burger Grill
South Beach Grill
Halal Fried Chicken
Brookfields Restaurant
Eat a Pita
Sky Sushi
Tugboat Fish & Chips
Mints Euro Asian Cuisine
The Red Alcove
Rasoi Indian Restaurant & Bar
Milan Pizza
Pocket Deli
Jalisco Market & Taquera
Thai Smile
El Favorito
Pieology Pizzeria
Rosie’s Country Kitchen
Il Forno Classico
Botan Sushi
San Miguel’s

Grocery stores

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
Koreana Plaza
Smart and Final Extra
Pavel’s Deli and Bakery
Rancho Produce Market

How is the weather?

Rancho Cordova gets about 20 inches of rain each year and there are approximately 40 days of precipitation.

From July to August, summer highs can be over 90 and in January the lows can be less than 40.

Each year there are about 270 sunny days.

What about Transportation?

Rancho has light rail stations, which makes it easy to travel back and forth to Sacramento. Of course, there are public buses available too, and freeway access is not difficult. The light trail stations make Rancho an appealing community because you can easily ride to downtown Sacramento for some more culture. Also, in a small suburban city, there will be less congestion in general. Moving to Rancho Cordova might be a good choice if you need to ride a train, but want a quieter scene than the one in Sacramento.

How are the schools?

The public schools in Rancho Cordova are rated about average by Great Schools. For adults, some of the community colleges which are nearby are:

American River College
Cosumnes River College
Folsom Lake College
Sacramento City College
Sierra College.

There are also 4-year colleges and universities such as:

Cal State Sacramento
William Jessup University
The University of California at Davis
The Art Institute of California, Sacramento
Univerisity of the Pacific.

Are there any parks?

For a smaller town, Rancho has quite a few parks:

White Rock
Village Green
Eagle’s Nest
Larmont Rossmoor

Sunriver Park is near the American River and open space next to water can be very relaxing for some people, especially during warm, sunny or hot weather.

Is there access to nature?

One great thing about living in the Sacramento area is the fairly easy access to places like Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. Lake Tahoe is just 90 miles, and Yosemite is 147 miles, so both are within easy driving distance. Auburn is only about 30 minutes away by vehicle, and there you can do whitewater rafting and kayaking. Moving to Rancho Cordova from Sacramento would be somewhat of an advantage if you want to live in closer proximity to open space.

Are there worship centers?

Some of the Christian Churches in the area are:

First Covenant
River City Christian
Cordova Neighborhood Church
Way of Life Church
The Bridge Church
CrossWay Community Church
United Methodist Church of Rancho Cordova
Disciples Church
Origin Church

Rancho doesn’t have any Buddhist temples, but there are some in Sacramento:
Kim Quang Temple
Buddhist Church
Zanabazar Dharma Center.

What are some things to do in Rancho?

There is a climbing gym in Granite Arch Climbing Center and a bounce facility for children. Go carts, a haunted house, a sports complex and children’s play center with many things to crawl or slide on.There is also a children’s museum in Rancho.

Is there storage in Rancho?

Yes, we have a storage facility there, so if you have any questions or need storage just contact us.

So, after reading this article are you still interested in moving to Rancho Cordova?

What is near Rancho Cordova?

Sacramento — 15 miles
Napa — 73 miles
Sonora — 83 miles
Lake Tahoe — 90 miles
San Francisco — 100 miles
Reno — 126 miles
Yosemite — 147
Mammoth —  223

Image Credit: California State Parks