Moving to Woodland: 12 Things to Know before You Go

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Are you thinking of moving to Woodland, CA? We did some research and put this article together for those who are considering such a move. Moving to Woodland is probably something that would appeal to people who are looking for more affordable housing than is typically found in big cities like San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, Sacramento or New York City.

How many people live in Woodland?

The population is about 55,468; almost two-thirds are Caucasian, with two next largest groups being Hispanic and Pacific Islander.

What about jobs?

Some of Woodland’s top employers are:

Thrifty Payless
Pacific Coast Producers
Sun Foods
Alderson Convalescent Hospital
Truck Accessories
PGP International
Cottonwood HC Inc.
Silvercrest Western Homes.

What is the cost of housing?

The median home price is about $399,000, and the average rent is about $1000. If you are open to living in a mobile home, there are some available. Also, there are some rents which are much lower than $1000 per month, if you rent a single room in someone else’s home. Moving to Woodland would probably appeal to someone who is tired of living in a big city, or who wants to find more affordable housing. If you had a lot of money, you might actually be able to purchase a small farm with nut trees like pistachios. So there could be a potential income earned from making such a move.

How is the food?

For a medium-size town, Woodland has quite a few dining options. Here are some of the highest-rated restaurants:

House of Shah
Mojo’s Kitchen
Morgan’s on Main
The Burger Saloon
The Elephant Shack
Guinevere’s Cafe & Bistro
Pupuseria La Chicana
Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse
Thai Pepper
Las Brasas Tacos & Salsas
Stack’d & Brew’d
Swagat Indian Cuisine
Ono Teriyaki
Osaka Sushi
Bangkok Cuisine Woodland
Jinju Sushi
El Paisano Taco Truck
Ranch Kitchen
MOD Pizza
La Michoacana Taqueria
Taqueria Guadalajara
Vince’s Mexican Restaurant
Iguana’s Mexican Grill
El Charro
La Frontera Bar and Grill
La Kora Taco Truck
Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop
Barajas Deli

Grocery stores

Nugget Markets

Nugget Markets
Food 4 Less
Cracchiolos Market, Deli & Catering
Bel Air
Pacific Star Gardens

There is a farmer’s market in Woodland and one in nearby Davis too. Moving to Woodland wouldn’t be too much of a let down, with all the local food options. Also, places like Sacramento, Roseville and Granite Bay aren’t far away, if you want to venture out.

How are the schools?

According to Great Schools, the Woodland public schools are rated about average. For adults, Woodland Community College is available as is Cambridge Junior College. There are a number of others in the general vicinity like American River College, Folsom Lake College, and Sierra College.
For more advanced degrees, UC-Davis is not so far from Woodland, and Cal-State Sacramento is a bit further away.

Are there parks?

Woodland has at least ten parks if you like trees, open space, and grass.
Woodland Dog Park
Dave Douglas Park
Beamer Park
Woodland City Park
Pioneer Park
Woodside Park
Klenhard Park
Ferns Park
Nelson’s Grove
Christensen Park

Is there entertainment?

Woodland has a cineplex which shows mainstream movies and its own theater. The Woodland Opera House was built in 1885 and is a California historic landmark. Live music shows and other events are shown throughout the year.

Are there places of worship?

Woodland has a multitude of churches, some of them are listed here:

Church of Christ Kentucky Ave
Cavalry Chapel of Woodland
Lifepointe Church
New Testament Church
St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Woodland Bible Church
West Valley Baptist Church
Gracepoint Pentecostal Church
Church on the Rock
Woodland Presbyterian

As of the publication date of this article, there aren’t any Buddhist centers
in Woodland, but there is one in Davis to the south. The same is true of synagogues.

However, there is an Islamic Center.

There is a Masonic Temple in Woodland and a large community/senior center.

Is there a public library?

Yes, there is.

What about shopping?

Woodland has both a shopping mall and a shopping plaza. There are also the typical retail establishments like Wal-mart, Target, Dollar Tree, and Big Lots.

What about transportation?

If you can ride a train, there is an Amtrak station in Davis. For air travel, Woodland is only about 11 miles from Sacramento International Airport, and a bus service is available.

Are there local events?

Woodland has a number of events each year, like a reggae festival, art walk, a free county fair, and various food-related gatherings.

Is there storage?

Yes, we have a storage facility in Woodland and can answer any of your storage questions. Please contact us and we would be happy to help you.

What is near Woodland?

Davis, 11.5 miles
Sacramento, 19.8 miles
Folsom, 36 miles
Napa, 56 miles
San Francisco, 82 miles
Lake Tahoe, 122 miles
Yosemite, 160 miles

So, after reading this article, are you still interested in moving to Woodland?